Optical Illusions Museum Opens in Moscow

In Moscow, First Russian museum of optical illusions is opened, all the collections of which are interactive. Unlike any other museum photographing is only encouraged here, because the beauty of optical illusions can be assessed only on photographs, in which man is the main actor. check out and visit there soon… ENJOY       […]

Check Out 40 Funny Optical Illusions

Another post dedicated to optical illusions, many of us interested in this topic. Optical illusions created our mind, which is like the easiest way to look at things. At first glance, we are try to correlate the images with the most basic and intimate interpretation, and only in few seconds, we understand what is in […]

Eduardo Relero’s Mind-Blowing Optical Illusions

Tweet Argentinian street artist Eduardo Relero has the special talent of turning something as dull as pavements into incredible three-dimensional artworks that put people in danger of walking into lampposts starring at them. 48-year-old Eduardo Relero, who lives in Madrid, Spain, will spend up to two weeks working on one of his amazing 3D murals, […]

Craig Tracy’s Unbelievable Body-Painting Optical Illusions

Tweet New Orleans-based artist Craig Tracy is considered a trendsetter in the art of body painting. He spends hour painstakingly painting his subjects’ bodies with water-based paint, before taking photos of them in unique positions. The first time we featured Craig Tracy on Oddity Central, was in January 2010, right after he created a jaw-dropping […]

Optical Illusions at South Korea’s Awesome Trick Eye Museums

Planting a kiss on Mona Lisa’s cheek, riding the legendary Pegasus and even getting peed on by a baby, it’s all possible at one of South Korea’s Trick Eye Museums. I’ve never been to Korea, but apparently people there, like the Japanese, love to take photos of themselves with cool stuff, so it’s no wonder […]