These guys are driving from NYC to Argentina. They keep it real. Here’s how you can too.

HEADING OUT TO SEA WITH A NICARAGUAN FISHING CREW AT 4AM. Building a yurt with a family of nomads on the Mongolian steppe. Cruising around town looking for grub with a Guatemalan mechanic. In the past year we’ve driven through over 25 countries. We have a lot of travel highs and a lot of travel […]

How to Keep Fruit and Vegetables Fresh Longer

We have all bought fruit and vegetables, stuck them in the fridge and left them for far too long, to then find them wrinkled and rotten. To avoid wastage we have come up with a guide on where to store different kinds of fruit and vegetables and which you should keep separate from each other, […]

How to keep your NY resolutions

Photo: Anthony Quintano Every year around January 1st, my inbox gets filled up with language learners excitedly declaring to me their New Year’s resolutions. They tell me, this is the year I will learn French! Learn Spanish! Learn Chinese! To all you resolved language learners out there, hoping to make 2015 the year you finally […]

Keep your Kids Busy with these Creative Ideas

Raising children is sometimes quite a bit hard, parents for all sorts of creative solutions that facilitate the teaching process and give a positive example for other moms and dads. Here are some highly creative ideas that can make your child more efficient and less troublesome. 1. Draw a way for the machines on my father’s […]

How to Keep Warm In Winter: Truths and Myths

There are many ways that we use to keep warm. But it turns out, some of them do not work and can only do harm. We decided to tell the readers what methods really work and which ones – simply useless myths. Myth number 1 Alcohol helps warm Actually alcohol only reduces the internal temperature […]