Bon Appetit! London Public Toilet Gets Converted into a Gourmet Snack bar

If you enjoy eating in the bathroom, you have to check out the Attendant Cafe, in London. Formerly a 19th century public restroom, the underground venue has recently been converted into a gourmet sandwich shop, but retains many of its original decors, including the urinals… Rising property prices in London are becoming a big problem for […]

A Feast for Zombies: Gory Gourmet Food Truck Serves Fresh Brain Burgers

Tweet London Chef Mark Jankel shocked everyone when he launched the Gory Gourmet, a special food truck that serves very literal brain food, including calf brain burgers, brain salad wrap or crispy chunks of brain. Animal brain is a pretty common ingredient in the cuisine of many Asian countries, but in the Western world it […]