How to Keep Fruit and Vegetables Fresh Longer

We have all bought fruit and vegetables, stuck them in the fridge and left them for far too long, to then find them wrinkled and rotten. To avoid wastage we have come up with a guide on where to store different kinds of fruit and vegetables and which you should keep separate from each other, […]

Chinese Billionaire Sells Canned Fresh Air to Raise Awareness about the Environment

Tweet It was bound to happen at some point, I guess. Chen Guangbiao, a famous Chinese businessman and philanthropist, has recently launched a line of canned fresh air collected from various parts of China and Taiwan. The product is called “Chen Guangbiao: Nice Guy” and sells for about $ 0,80. It’s no secret China has a huge […]

A Feast for Zombies: Gory Gourmet Food Truck Serves Fresh Brain Burgers

Tweet London Chef Mark Jankel shocked everyone when he launched the Gory Gourmet, a special food truck that serves very literal brain food, including calf brain burgers, brain salad wrap or crispy chunks of brain. Animal brain is a pretty common ingredient in the cuisine of many Asian countries, but in the Western world it […]

Japanese Photographer Tries to Keep Love Fresh Forever by Wrapping It in Vacuumed Plastic Bags

Tweet Some couple try all kinds of romantic tricks to keep love alive for longer, but Japanese photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi takes a more literal approach – he wraps people in plastic wrap, sucks out the air and takes photos of their distorted bodies. The bizarre images of people huddled together in weird positions, in vacuumed plastic wrap may […]