7 Mexican food myths that need to die (and 1 uncomfortable truth)

Photo: saikofish 1. Mexican food’s all about tacos. Although Mexico’s traditional kitchen is heavily based on corn, not everything in the country is tortilla-related. The culinary diversity of Mexico is huge, and there are local specialties in every single region — and sometimes in every single town. You could go all around Mexico surviving on […]

Have you had REAL Cantonese food?

Photo: Rick Chung 1. You’re too cool for sweet and sour. Convinced that neon-red takeout gloop is an American invention, you opt for trendy Sichuanese instead. We’re pissed by the bastardized versions, too, but don’t ditch sweet and sour just yet. Real Cantonese gu lou yuk is 200-years old, and every family has a recipe. […]

Halloween Food and Costumes

Halloween is coming and we have collected food items and costumes that may interest you while you are searching for Halloween costumes and food. Frankenstein and His Bride Witch Finger Cookies Hagrid and Hermoine  Jello Worms On Chocolate Donut Crumbs Big Bird and Elmo Watermelon Skulls Jolly Green Giant and a Smurf Zombie Graveyard Cake […]

Combat food waste with this new app

Photo: Wikimedia According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans waste about 30-40% of their yearly food supply, despite the fact that more than 50 million Americans don’t have enough food to eat on a daily basis. Food waste is a problem all over the world, but one company has created a mobile app to tackle […]

Strange Controversial Halloween Food You Have Ever Seen???

One of the reasons why Halloween  is a favorite holiday of many, lies in the fact that it provides an occasion to show imagination. Whether you are can design the perfect costume, decorate a house in the style of “The Haunted Mansion” or create a terrible treats for guests – it does not matter, most importantly,just […]