Strange Controversial Halloween Food You Have Ever Seen???

One of the reasons why Halloween  is a favorite holiday of many, lies in the fact that it provides an occasion to show imagination. Whether you are can design the perfect costume, decorate a house in the style of “The Haunted Mansion” or create a terrible treats for guests – it does not matter, most importantly,just [...]

Food Art Masterpieces By a Mom

When Lee Samantha was pregnant with her second child, she started cooking and decorating food to encourage her eldest daughter to eat independently. To accomplish this, it would be easier to have to handle the power in the light of birth of another child. It was in 2008, since then the art of Lee developed [...]

Unbelievable Ephemeral Art Pictures Painted by Drinks And Food

We offer you a selection of interesting pieces by Vivi Mack a freelance artist from France. In created his amazing work called “ephemeral art”, she used a variety of foods, beverages, and other ingredients to help create portraits of artists, musicians and celebrities. Her unusual patterns stored in the form of photographs, check out the unique art…. [...]

10 killer food truck designs [pics]

Photo: GASTRO BOMBER Dallas’s Gastro Bomber is a vintage WWII-themed truck doling out modern pub-grub like green chile mashed potato-aided fried shepherd’s pie croquettes that thankfully don’t taste like rations. Photo: OFF THE REZ It’s not without its tidbits of historical irony that Off The Rez went back on the reservation to bring Seattlites Native [...]

Just Awesome Food Art and Ideas For You to Cut Them………

I always love to cut vegetables in different ways, so here i got something same…It was time for one more inventive,amazing and largely unbelievable post.When it involves creative thinking there’s not limit for personalities.I think the primary issue is in fact imagination. Today after I was looking for one thing totally different i came up [...]