Funny Pictures – May 30, 2015

Seducing the wife after 10 beers. Vladimir Poochin. That’s my kind of bear. Went to see this giant red arrow, couldn’t see the point. Sorry, what? That buffalo feels soo awkward right now. My cousin’s D.A.R.E (anti-drug) poster she made for school. Apparently I’ve “ruined” my graduation announcements. I’ve moving tomorrow and Budget just told […]

Funny Pictures – May 29, 2015

Think outside the bun. Googled worst idea ever. My dog is normal, I swear. This was found at the vending machine at my dad’s job. The struggle was real. “I see you”. My friend made me an ashtray birthday cake.. Sneaking food into theaters. “What topping do you want on your pizza?” “Pizza.” Watching my […]

Funny Pictures – May 28, 2015

Next Gen Fridge. These guys can fix anything… Transition. I am dog… fear me!!! Awkward Errands. The Spanish Title for Will Smith’s I, Robot is better than the English one. The next Fifa cover has been released. My friend walked in on her dogs having an intervention. Snap! They deceived me. We’ll be okay. Saw […]

Funny Pictures – May 27, 2015

The most accurate mean tweet ever. Now that’s an Opening Weekend! Finally bought my wife a diamond necklace, she deserves it… Once my wife said this, I can’t un-see it. Felt something in my shoe this morning… Just saw Marty McFly grabbing a quick burger… A for effort. The blinky things on vehicles. A rare […]

Funny Pictures – May 26, 2015

What’s the password? So I put hair extensions on my dog. Busted! My son feeding goldfish to his toy dog while his real dog sits outside, pissed. Smart car plates. Graffiti. Dog got a bottle cap and it looked like a gold grill… Funny Pictures – May 26, 2015