Funny Pictures – July 30, 2015

Lock and Purr. via Japan doesn’t f*ck around when it comes to dress sizes. via Do you want a haunted forest? Because that’s how you get a haunted forest. via Bill Gates counts to 10. via Found this at a local ice cream shop. via Quantum superposition can make things awkward. via Spider Chip Cookies. […]

Funny Pictures – July 29, 2015

New debit card came today… via My wife finally found out where I’ve been getting my frozen Snickers bars. via Seems legit. I’d vote for him. via I asked google a very simple question. I did not get the answer I expected. via Workers with a sense of humor. via Watermelon? via My Dad had […]

Funny Pictures – July 28, 2015

I hope someone gets fired for this. via Perfect riding gear, he won’t hit anything. via My local newspaper. Opinions. via Getting a haircut is just too hard… via A custom cake someone wanted while I worked at DQ. via Drunk guy peeing behind tent at wedding reception. via When you try to be witty…and […]

Funny Pictures – July 27, 2015

Healthcare in America. via is not f*cking around. via It’s gonna be a long ride. via Avenger. via Love in Russian. via I live on the most generic strip of road. via I don’t think they thought out this engagement photo. via This photo is from a restaurant at the main international airport of […]

Funny Pictures – July 26, 2015

A dishwasher can never break; it can only become a vending machine. via Kiwi for scale. via My gf and I went to a painting class. She got mad cuz I wasn’t following directions. I told her there’s no such thing as an accident. via My friend, who is a women’s studies major just met […]