Asia Where things are not Normal but they are Extra-ordinary

Every place on earth is different and one of the distinct nature is found in Asia where population is too much or i should say over-crowded. I don’t blame anyone. So when population is so much and a positive outcome from this is only one which is, extra-ordinary events that come out of nowhere. For [...]

Best Gif’s of the Day – November 22, 2014

Some of best gif’s we found today on november 22, 2014. Enjoy Double “I got this…just give me a minute” Ima coming Buffalo! Was told yesterday Dogs can’t look up. New trick! A horrifying window into the future How to Really Kill a Leprechaun Millennium Falconry This Gel can stop bleeding instantly. Shark fart All [...]

Stunning Dental Clinics that would lure you to comeback

There are few people who like to go to the dentist. It’s too uncomfortable to everyone out there, I want to quickly escape home. It is no wonder that more and more often when you make stomatkabinetov designers are thinking about creating a pleasant home environment, where patients would feel comfortable. We offer an overview [...]

Funny Pictures – November 21, 2014

Have a laugh at these funny pictures and make sure you share them with your friends and family. Cats welcoming soldiers home Found this guy passed out on a bar patio This guy. If only adults could communicate this well. Don’t Stare. Do NOT stare! Oh god, I’m staring! Daniel keeps it real Obviously the [...]

Tattoos Ideas of the Week – November 21, 2014

Here are some of the finest tattoo ideas we found this week My “Delerium” tattoo by Brian Ulibarri – Denver, CO Tribute tattoo for my best friend who past away – done by Anna at Art and Soul in Mansfield, MA The Monkey King (Adam Sky @ Rose Gold’s Tattoo, San Francisco, CA) Corey Bernhardt [...]