Funny Pictures – October 5, 2015

My roommate’s mom was worried about the flooding down here in Charleston. This is what he sent her… via I’ve ridden a horse exactly once and been lucky enough to get this view. via How to handle solicitors. via So I was watching the news… via Rug munch? via Make this guy a Commander! via […]

Funny Pictures – October 4, 2015

I ordered double pepperoni. via King of the Creepers. via Hyper realistic tiger tattoo. via Or this Cougar. Bought this gem at a church yard sale. via A keyboard from the BuzzFeed office. via Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan recalling their time on the set of X-Men. via So Dunkin Donuts just opened in Iceland […]

Funny Pictures – October 3, 2015

And that’s where we got the word… via Where the f*ck is my cake. via Love broken signs. via This wedding card looks like the Bride & Groom hung themselves. via Caterpillars. via I saw this mannequin at Target the other day. via I am skeptical about the top speed of this rover. Can I […]

Funny Pictures – October 2, 2015

The joys of moving in Manhattan. via Buying a leaf blower. via Saw this on my ride to work today in Winnipeg, Manitoba. via Homeless to hipster in 14 days. via The neighbor kids have started a business. via The future. via All I wanted was my driveway (interlocked brick) to be lifted, cleaned, and […]

Funny Pictures – October 1, 2015

Stop your grabassing! via Some things don’t have to be taught. via When you only have enough time to shave one leg. via Target customer service. I am sarah. via The jedi night. via Challenge accepted. via Tommy was set up for failure. via Scandalous scene I came home to last night! via Alternative boyfriend […]