WTF Items of Today – October 21, 2014

WTF moments that are proud of from our fellow people around the world. So fashionable Snakes can freakin fly 0_0  He was born in a log cabin and WAIT WHAT?! So my flatmate left a little surprise for me when i got home… Saw this at uni today… Hope that guys not allergic Who Writes [...]

Great ideas for Children’s Costumes for Halloween

Children love to play dress-up, imagining himself a superhero or other beloved characters, and they are great visionaries, so it is not surprising that one of their favorite children’s holiday is Halloween, which combines all the things that kids love: costumes and candy. By choosing a costume for Halloween should be approached with all plumb, [...]

Weeks Top Tattoo Ideas – October 22, 2014

My healed full sleeve. Done by Thor Emil, Kongsvinger Tattoo My first tattoo! Peony thigh piece done by the amazing Marilyn at Chronic Ink, Toronto. First session, by Jenn Bowman at Vice and Virtue, Berea KY Ravenstag by John Lemon @ Bound For Glory Tattoo, Staten Island NYC Solar System Compass done by Rolly Fingers [...]

Weird and Unique Packaging Designs

So pack the goods – a real art! We regularly publish all the fun out of the design, including package design. That’s what attracts the eye and makes you want to blow the product home. Summing up the year, in this review we share the most creative, functional and innovative solutions in packaging design, which [...]

Longest Suspension Bridges Around the World

Bridges play an important role for humanity. Their presence can reduce the time spent on the road, overcoming obstacles (rivers, ponds, precipice) blank that is valuable both from an economic and from a practical point of view. Bridges are distinguished by two main parameters: skipping load (rail, road, walking, combined) and the static scheme (beam, [...]