Funny Pictures – July 2, 2015

The joy of scotch via Kids menu at Colonial Williamsburg. That “M” tho. via When the photographer asked for a “funny face” my brother went all in… via Okay small sips everyone. via Way less convenient than a GPS. via Simpsons called it. via I would have paid 55 cents, but you had to be […]

Funny Pictures – July 1, 2015

Oh Shit! via Japan knows. via If ET and Chewbacca had a baby. via Hood Hammock. via I asked my GF to make me a country style breakfast and this is what I got….. via Cat math. via No ice cream. No cigarettes. Yes unicorns. via The greatest thing I have ever seen in my […]

Funny Pictures – June 30, 2015

Was just tipped like this.. via Ted Part 9: The Golden Years. via Met this guy with a beer bottle in his bowling ball. via Parking Level : Witchcraft via Well, whatever is comfortable I suppose… via The 50’s were simple times. via Go home Pinterest, you’re drunk. via This basically defines my relationship with […]

Funny Pictures – June 29, 2015

The hipster scale.. via I found this in a public toilet. via Photographer fell down while taking a wedding picture, here’s the picture he ended up taking. via A fate worse than Hell. via Rabbit finds a hobby. via It was nice of him to offer though. via This giraffe sticker the cashier gave my […]

Funny Pictures – June 28, 2015

My wife’s very proud of her drunken purchase. via BBQ Á la cart. via What BBQs are like when you’re 30, single and male. via What BBQs are like when you’re 30, single, male and English. via Expensive shit. via “I love you, father” via CNN’s “ISIS Flag Spotted at Gay Pride Parade” consists of […]