50 Best Tattoo Designs 2014 For Men

Hey guys check out different combination of tattoo bucket more then 50 tattoos just surf and select one get inked….                                                                         [...]

Photo Story of One Couple

In October 2000, one month after the beginning of the relationship, 23-year-old Giles and his 18-year-old Michelle photographed together for the first time in Photobook. Since then, every year of marriage, they say so. For 14 years they had become engaged, get married and become parents of two sons – Elijah and Sunny A sweet [...]

Hot and Heat in Moscow

In Moscow, as in most other major cities in Russia now you can feel heat wave. By lunchtime, the air is heated to 35  and Muscovites in search of coolness walk into fountains. This, of course, is beautiful, but there is one thing … Water fountains varies irregularly. Sometimes once a week, sometimes several times [...]

Unbelievable Things Can Be Done Of Bottles

Large number of different plastic bottles, paper bags, and all sorts of tubes and rods we throw away every day. In this case, we do not think that this things  are an excellent material to improvise fun crafts. I offer you several options. check out… I will try this for sure… 1. Vertical garden   [...]

How Not To Be Photographed On The Beach

See how much its important to give pose in front of the camera …. If you are going on the beach then check this poses and beware of wrong poses which will show your opposite angle….               How Not To Be Photographed On The Beach