Tattoo Ideas of the Month – August, 2014

Here comes september the month of my birthday, it falls in the first week so you have to give me credit that I am still committed to provide you fresh tattoo ideas from previous month collection. You can also visit our previous post with Unique Tattoo Ideas that will Make you Love your Body More [...]

Most Amazing Views Around the World

No words can describe these amazing places around the world, so I thought to show you these places with as many pictures as I can. Hope you like them. Observation Deck Sky Walk, Austria, Europe The Skywalk is located at about 2700 m , right next to the mountain station. It was constructed in 2005 [...]

Wild Animal Lips (Art) Singing Song

Some time back we wrote a post on Different but Amazing Lip Art, now that has got our readers show us a link where they found an amazing video singing a song with those wild animal lips. I bet you will like this a lot, so sing along. Hope you have liked this idea, here the [...]

Funny Public Toilets and Urinals

Toilets can also be funny, that I got to know today. Here are some public and private Toilets that will definitely make you wonder if you’re sober or not. Funny Toilets Around the World Toilet with a big mouth, tongue and teeth A musical instrument tuned Urinal A joker with big mouth A robotic arm [...]

Unique Black Tiger Without Stripes Posing Just for you

In Hangzhou, a city in China there’s a new born tiger without any stripes on her body. This 25 day old cub doesn’t like to be around her kind and prefer dogs and other mammals. Due to a disorder her pigmentation of body color has no stripes, and another surprising thing he do is feed [...]