Superheroes In Unusual Situations by Edy Hardjo

Have you ever wondered what exactly do superheroes get up to in their everyday lives? Photographer Edy Hardjo provides a glimpse with a series of comical and extremely entertaining photos. In order to get these realistic shots Hardjo modifies already detailed action figures with additions including rooted hair. He sets the figures into position and [...]

Funny Pictures – February 25, 2015

German shepherd doing his best kangaroo impression. These cereals sound like funny euphemisms for gay people James Franco just posted this on Instagram Coffee Life Mantra I moved the dog from his seat so I could get some sleep on a road-trip, this is how it turned out. Tiger goes limp, pulls out after 9 [...]

11 Best Videos of the Day – February 25 2015

Here’s something you don’t see everyday, an Octopus jumps out of the water onto a crab and then drags it back into the water for dinner. Get the snow off your car with Bass, this car must have some serious speakers. Dakota Johnson gets mad at her mom – Melanie Griffith at the Oscars. Melanie [...]

Tribal Tattoos that Inspire

If you’re looking for a tribal design, feast your eyes upon this collection of awesomeness. This selection of Polynesian tattoos come from a variety of islands cultures, with myriad of placements over the body. We have selected the best designs from a couple of artists. Image via Image via Image via Image via Image via [...]

20 WTF Moments of February 24, 2015

This person’s iris started growing into the lens of the eye. Received this as change. Probably shouldn’t be in circulation? Guy brought his own TV to watch movies at McDonalds Man turns blue after self-medicating “Colloidal Silver” My brother-in-law uses his bathtub corner and bathroom floor as a spittoon. His five year old daughter’s body [...]