Funny Pictures – March 28, 2015

I forgot how to dog. We had a party and the theme was “why is this in my closet?” this guy wins. I wasn’t trained for this. My co-workers heard I’m vegan, and it’s my birthday. They got me this. “WTF am I doing with my life?” I’ve never felt so guilty eating a piece […]

Funny Pictures – March 27, 2015

Motorcycle expectations vs. reality Hipsters Soap Fabulous ingredients, Fabulous pizza. I’m not sure where this guy is going, but I want to follow! Aaaah, THE INTERNET. Serving Suggestion. My friend traveled to India. She posted a photo this morning with the caption: “It’s going well”. What matters most in life… I can clean both sides […]

Cats Collar Camera: Catstacam Auto-Uploads to Instagram

The cat food company Whiskas is currently developing a special cat collar named Catstacam, this tiny bit of tech will automatically take photos and upload them to an Instagram account, when in Wi-Fi range. Perfect if you want to know what your cat gets up to on its travels. Currently the Catstacam is being tested […]

Funny Pictures – March 26, 2015

Ad agency Moroch have designed french fry gloves for McDonald’s. The whiteboard at my gym. Giraffe Evolution This guy was driving around my hometown and cut me off… Gets my vote for favorite vanity plate. Who’s the burger now? Can I Come In? Yeah, Just Take Off Your Shoes. What could possibly go wrong? Meanwhile… […]

Funny Pictures – March 25, 2015

The best way to a man’s heart. I am vengeance… I am the night Brutal, but fair. The greatest chew toy of all time. A true king always defends his castle. This hotel thinks of everything. In case something happens to me.. Duck Fights Back. It didn’t quite go as planned. Took me a minute […]