Meeting With The Beauty in The Social Network ?

How many babes can be found in the vast social networks. But do not trust Avatar – looks can be deceiving! Check out…                             Meeting With The Beauty in The Social Network ?

Amazing Compact Pen-3D-Printer

Pen for 3D-printing 3Doodler, which allows you to draw pictures in space, has a significant drawback: quite large, because of which hold it in your hand is not very convenient. The device was released a year ago and has since stepped forward technology, thereby creating a more compact analogues, one of which was Lix pen, [...]

Craziest Inventions, Which Can Be Found In Japan

Japanese are really famous for their long creative and highly unconventional approach to inventions. In this collection you will find useful , frankly ,stupid and weird invention. 1. Pokes finger in the hole and his movements are digitized, so that the player can “tickle” shown on the screen man or animal I know you dont [...]

“My Daughter’s Crazy” – A Project of John William

Funny photo of own subsidiaries created by Swiss photographer John Wilhelm. He just not only comes up with the idea, but also processes the images so as to obtain as much as possible funnier. Exaggerating the photographer shows daughters in completely different sides. All stories for family portraits are incredibly positive and unique. Check out…. [...]

Americas list of “Most Bizarre Russian Customs”

As posted on the popular U.S. website article provides a list of “most bizarre customs,” which is worth knowing U.S. citizens intending to visit Russia for the first time. Added an article published on the entertainment site Buzzfeed, compiled a list of Russian customs that Americans seem strange and absurd. List of “oddities” consists of [...]