Ukrainian Border Guards – After Looking You will Not Go Beyond Even

Ukrainian Border Guards I am sure After Looking at them You will Not Go Beyond Even, I don’t know what they are doing on border.           Ukrainian Border Guards – After Looking You will Not Go Beyond Even

Dancers Have Defined Gravity – Travis Magee

Travis Magee – a real talent. He combines his skills and communication dancer with his passion for photography to create fantastic pictures in unusual places. Working with dancers allows Travis to create a fantasy that overcome gravity. Dancers leap into the air, ready to give passion on the bed. Dancers comfortable sitting in doorways or [...]

Happy Pig And His Pets – Pigs and Dad

Japanese photographer Toshiteru Yamaji (Toshiteru Yamaji) of Kagawa Prefecture ten years photographing despair of caring farmer and his bristly pets and even published a book entitled “Pigs and Dad,” for which he won awards at the 13th contest of self-publishing in Japan. Caring and loving pig despair serenaded with a guitar for his cute pig, [...]

Unique Pattern Of Irish Schoolgirl

Young Irish artist Shani McDonagh second consecutive year ranked first in the children’s drawing competition «Texaco Children’s Art», whose grand prize is $ 2075. contest judges believe that a great future awaits Shani and she can become a real professional. Its incredibly realistic pencil drawing «Coleman» was drawn within one month. Served as an example [...]

Curious Squirrel in The Frame Of British Photographer

Curiosity and hyperactivity induced squirrels Briton Max Ellis photograph these funny creatures, creating the most incredible and funny situations for curious little rodents. Max Ellis – a professional freelance illustrator and photographer from UK, who knows how to photograph animals like no other. And although his portfolio has lots of interesting shots, photos of protein [...]