On the insecurities of the traveler

Photo: Steven Worster “YOU DANCE LIKE AN ANIMAL!” he growled at me through gold teeth and an accent heavy as lead. At first I smiled, a dumb wide-eyed gape, thinking he meant it in a primordial, ferocious way. Like I danced like a goddamn tiger would if it was bipedal and moved by the sounds [...]

5 ways to waste a travel experience

TRAVEL CAN BE an invigorating, enthralling, life-affirming, eye-opening, magical mystery tour of spectacular and epic proportions, the likes of which shall have you reminiscing wistfully for decades to come about that time you did _____ in _____ and _____ happened. Or it can be squandered on McDonald’s and imported Western beer and forgotten in a [...]

Your office affects how you work

I ONCE WORKED IN AN OFFICE that was completely “toxic” — bad lighting, poor HR policies, uninspiring decor, etc. Looking at this infographic, and realizing how much more on the left side my previous job seemed to be, it’s no wonder there was such low workplace morale. Since becoming location independent, I am more attuned to what makes [...]

Images of consumerism in Iran

Photo via Thomas Cristofoletti/A Jazeera HIGH-END SHOPPING, and Iranian culture, are not two things I’d necessarily put together. A photo essay posted on Al Jazeera by Thomas Cristofoletti has got me thinking otherwise, however. It seems that the rise of Western-style shopping malls taking over the landscape of many Iranian cities, has not been combatted by the [...]

Spam for foodies (with recipes)

Photo: Ron Paul WHEN I WAS A KID, my Chinese dad used to make me instant noodles with Spam and egg on top as an after-school snack. I loved the hot and savory soup, and always saved the perfect little rectangle of bologna-tasting meat with a gelatinous glaze for last. As I grew older and [...]