5 challenges when moving off grid

Photo: dawolf- The central encompassing theme of off-grid life is autonomy. You’re living in a completely self-sustaining habitat that isn’t dependent on any public utilities. Meaning you either do not have electricity, running water, or sewage; or you harness all of these resources independently by using alternative forms of energy — solar, wind, geothermal, micro-hydro. [...]

15 millennials talk travel money

Photo: Runa Fjellanger The millennial generation is attracting a lot of attention. Some reports claim that we lack the necessary attitude for “job success.” We struggle with work ethic. We’re not motivated. These claims aren’t exactly groundbreaking — older generations have been criticizing younger generations since the beginning of mankind — but they do speak [...]

10 Kiwi phrases you need to know

Photo: Simon Oosterman 1. Rattle ya dags! | Hurry up! This one’s a bit gross. The dags are the parts of fleece around a sheep’s bum that are usually caked in poo. Basically, they rattle when the sheep runs. 2. Just popping to the dairy | I’m going to the convenience store. Kiwis get a [...]

11 best Airbnbs in Buenos Aires

While already well known in the US, Airbnb’s been gaining popularity around the world. The service, allowing travelers to experience a home-away-from-home environment, has changed the landscape of accommodation options. From generous hosts to unique spaces, Airbnbs add to the excitement of a vacation. Sometimes they’re also just plain cheaper than hotels. From an apartment [...]

17 portraits of Alaska’s bears

EVERYONE WHO VISITS ALASKA hopes to see a bear. They might tell you they’re scared of them, but deep down they really want to see one. It’s a rush, I can’t blame them. Nothing on Earth embodies the wild like a bear. I’ve spent over a decade finding places to watch these amazing creatures and [...]