10 signs your best friend is Swedish

Photo: Erik Olesund 1. He prefers to ski slopes while you sip stouts. Little baby Swedes start skiing before they utter their first ‘far,’ or ‘mor.’ He was a weathered ski instructor before his balls dropped, and the only of your friends to lose his virginity on a mountaintop. In a forest of icicles. With [...]

Green Guide to Stockholm

Image by Let Ideas Compete Here, green options abound (think IKEA on a large scale). Although a cosmopolitan city, Stockholm and its locales are definitely inspired by the simplicity of the Swedish countryside and are committed to keeping their environment healthy. Buildings are green, public transportation is efficient, and there is a general sense of [...]

Drone music videos are the future

You’ve probably seen one of the band OK Go’s crazy music videos before: they first broke the internet with their dancing treadmill video, then they followed it up with their elaborate Rube Goldberg machine, and now, for their latest single, “I Won’t Let You Down,” they’ve created what might be the most elaborate and impressive music [...]

It’s your first time in Budapest

Photo: Matt Perich 1. All this Buda and Pest stuff is confusing you. Yes, today the city is called Budapest. But once upon a time, there were two towns: Buda and Pest (actually, three including Óbuda). In the 19th century they were united to form one big capital: Budapest. The part of town on the [...]

12 of the best Airbnbs in Copenhagen

Denmark’s most populated city and its capital, Copenhagen has a large number of tourist attractions, from the Tivoli Gardens to the Little Mermaid Statue. In recent years, Copenhagen’s gained a reputation as a gastronomic powerhouse, bringing tourists from all over the world that may never have imagined they’d end up in Denmark. Along with unique [...]