12 things to do before having kids

Photo: Joe Stump I love getting old. I’m 28, and I much prefer it to being 22. I found a few gray hairs earlier this year; I’ve finally grown a decent beard; and I’m getting carded less and less at bars. I actually enjoy adult things like having money, too. I spend it on “investments” [...]

Drone races look just like Star Wars

You no longer need to sit through Ewoks to watch drones race through the forest: YouTuber Olivier Yorgandjian and his friends put First-Person View (FPV) Cameras on their quadcopter drones and then raced them through the forest. FPV cameras allow the users to transmit the video taken from the drones back to tablets or virtual reality [...]

5 challenges when moving off grid

Photo: dawolf- The central encompassing theme of off-grid life is autonomy. You’re living in a completely self-sustaining habitat that isn’t dependent on any public utilities. Meaning you either do not have electricity, running water, or sewage; or you harness all of these resources independently by using alternative forms of energy — solar, wind, geothermal, micro-hydro. [...]

15 millennials talk travel money

Photo: Runa Fjellanger The millennial generation is attracting a lot of attention. Some reports claim that we lack the necessary attitude for “job success.” We struggle with work ethic. We’re not motivated. These claims aren’t exactly groundbreaking — older generations have been criticizing younger generations since the beginning of mankind — but they do speak [...]

10 Kiwi phrases you need to know

Photo: Simon Oosterman 1. Rattle ya dags! | Hurry up! This one’s a bit gross. The dags are the parts of fleece around a sheep’s bum that are usually caked in poo. Basically, they rattle when the sheep runs. 2. Just popping to the dairy | I’m going to the convenience store. Kiwis get a [...]