Be thankful that places like Fiji’s “Grand Canyon” and forward-thinking people still exist

I recently came across this video of the “River of Eden” in Fiji, which is the only protected watershed in the entire South Pacific. Take a minute to appreciate the story of this place and people, from Filmmaker Peter McBride, on “why the locals said no to easy money from resource extraction, and how they [...]

Recently unearthed: Incredible vintage video of Kayaker pulling moves 30 years ahead of his time

This video of Southern California surf pioneer Merv Larson has recently been attracting attention on social media. As seen above, Larson was pulling incredible flatspins and cartwheel–moves most kayakers thought were born in the 90–on a wave-ski decades earlier. Perhaps even more impressive than the moves themselves is just Larson’s overall clean style and carves. [...]

14 images that show the stunning terrain and culture of Patagonia’s Northern Fjords

WHAT MOST PEOPLE don’t realize is that Patagonia encompasses more than Subantarctic wilds like the iconic Torres del Paine National Park. People live there. It’s a large — if slightly nebulous — region that straddles the southern ends of Chile and Argentina, and it’s definitely not a country (though it often feels like one). On [...]

53 ways to annoy your bartender

Photo: swilk0 1. Snack out of our fruit tray. 2. Rip your cocktail napkin up into tiny bits of confetti. 3. Ask for another lime wedge so it can sit on the rim of your glass un-squeezed. 4. Take up a barstool with your kid or purse. 5. Try to enter the bar before it [...]

8 of the strangest places on Earth

Derweze, the Door to Hell. Photo: NMK Photography EARTH IS A MIGHTY BIG PLACE, and if you’re willing to strap on some snowshoes or trek through barren deserts there’s a whole lot of strangeness left out there. 1. The Southern Pole of Inaccessibility Location: Antarctica Antarctica’s Pole of Inaccessibility — the point farthest from the [...]