10 Kiwi phrases you need to know

Photo: Simon Oosterman 1. Rattle ya dags! | Hurry up! This one’s a bit gross. The dags are the parts of fleece around a sheep’s bum that are usually caked in poo. Basically, they rattle when the sheep runs. 2. Just popping to the dairy | I’m going to the convenience store. Kiwis get a [...]

11 best Airbnbs in Buenos Aires

While already well known in the US, Airbnb’s been gaining popularity around the world. The service, allowing travelers to experience a home-away-from-home environment, has changed the landscape of accommodation options. From generous hosts to unique spaces, Airbnbs add to the excitement of a vacation. Sometimes they’re also just plain cheaper than hotels. From an apartment [...]

17 portraits of Alaska’s bears

EVERYONE WHO VISITS ALASKA hopes to see a bear. They might tell you they’re scared of them, but deep down they really want to see one. It’s a rush, I can’t blame them. Nothing on Earth embodies the wild like a bear. I’ve spent over a decade finding places to watch these amazing creatures and [...]

15 dead giveaways you’re from NZ

Photo: Gregory Bodnar 1. You can pronounce Whakapapa or Whakatane correctly. Awkwardly, though, the correct pronunciation of “wh” in the Maori language is “f.” 2. You’re prepared to argue to the death that New Zealand — not Australia — invented the pavlova. This is just one of our many arguments with Australia. The pavlova, or [...]

On women’s safety abroad

Photo: H.K Nilsen I remember when I first realized that catcalling was a thing. I was 24, and I was meeting up with a friend at the bar. I got there a little before she did and was nursing my first beer when she walked into the bar looking pissed off. “What’s up?” I asked. [...]