12 of the best Airbnbs in Rome, Italy

HOTEL CHAINS AREN’T THRILLED about Airbnb these days, and with good reason. The service allows travelers to meet new people, stay in unique accommodations, and enjoy many of the same amenities that hotels provide (plus many more). And if you’re lucky, your host might even cook a meal for you. Take a look at the [...]

Why millennials are awesome traveler

Photo: Marco Gomes 1. We’re searching for individual experiences. While I was growing up, my great aunt Mary always entertained me with her travel stories. She was a single woman in the 1970s, visiting Jamaica with her best friend. She went to two days of Woodstock with a much older man. She spent a year [...]

You know you’re in Thailand when…

Photo: Scott Sporleder …you suddenly understand why nobody’s wearing sleeves. Thailand is humid. Bangkok is one of the most humid cities in the world, averaging roughly 80% relative humidity year round, so no matter what you’re used to, you’re gonna be drenched shortly after taking that first gulp of hot air outside the airport. But [...]

The nomads of Gujarat [pics]

With about 4 million members in more than 300 different communities, the nomadic population of the state of Gujarat in India is quite substantial and diverse. In the past, each nomadic community used to provide a specific service to the society at large. Some groups specialized in performance — they were musicians, fire eaters, snake [...]

What it takes to be a pro photog

Surfing the Great Lakes in the fall / Photo by author Check out Matador Ambassador Chris Burkard’s latest film project, Arctic Swell. I discovered a love for photography not too long ago — landscapes and surf are my favorite subject matters. When an interview assignment came up at MatadorU, I immediately knew that I wanted [...]