Signs you’re from the TX Panhandle

Photo: Mauricio Pastor 1. You wore a giant mum to Homecoming. They’re not just big corsages. They’re like nothing you’ve ever seen. Weeks, perhaps months, before your high school’s homecoming game, local craft stores and florists start stocking up on Homecoming Mum supplies. Made of flowers, streamers, bells, garlands, more streamers, and anything else you [...]

On next-gen travel search engines

Screengrab: I’m a budgeter. I make a budget and I like to stick to it. I’m also open-minded, so when I’m planning travel I’m not always dead set on a particular destination. When I heard about GeniusFlight, a site where you can search for flights based on your budget, I wanted to learn more [...]

8 signs you’re from the Philippines

Photo: John Christian Fjellestad 1. You’ve taken a jeepney ride. The jeepney, or jeep, as we call it, is the cheapest and most common mode of public transport in the Philippines. A jeep is similar to a pickup truck. The driver and two other passengers are seated in front. The back has no rear door, [...]

How to piss off a Floridian

Photo: Cavale Doom 1. Fawn over our accents. The Panhandle has a bunch of diverse accents. They can range from out-of-staters who say y’all to the super twang of “water” becoming wu-tur. Then there’s the classy Southern accent, where “Florida” becomes Flah-reee-daah! (You have to swoop your hands when you it say that way.) The [...]

Summer solstice in Alaska is amazing

Photographers often speak of the “golden hour” or “magic hour,” the time of day right before sunset or right after sunrise, when the sky is more colorful and, thus, really incredible pictures can be taken. In places as far north as Alaska, though, on the summer solstice, the “magic hour” lasts a lot longer than [...]