Side effects of moving to the Bronx

Photo by susanrm Your friends will only meet up with you in the city. They’re outsiders now. They haven’t been introduced to the majesty and magic of the Bronx, so to them it’s a faraway land at the extremities of the MTA’s reach. They probably won’t be willing to take the two/three hour subway ride [...]

Magical car wreck in Tel Aviv

A car accident is not usually an event one enjoys witnessing, but what the car wreck featured in this video leads to is nothing short of beautiful. When a fire hydrant is hit by a vehicle on the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel, water shoots skywards and someone makes the best out of a bad [...]

11 signs you drink in Cape Town

Photo by mallix 1. You use the term “sundowner” for after-work drinks and know that having one is more about the view than the beverage. 2. You can name five sundowner spots in Cape Town in under 30 seconds. And you always select the best fit for the day based on the chance of rain, [...]

How to deal with travel envy

Photo: -MRGT- 1. Take a break from the travel blogs. Ugh. Admit it: you only look at most of them for the pretty pictures, anyway. Most of the content is trite, lacking, ridden with self-aggrandizing language, and the more-than-occasional typo. They’re the Facebook of the travel industry and sometimes you just need to take a [...]

You know you live in Oz when…

Photo: Harald 1. Most of your income goes towards beer. The rumors are true. Australians love their beer. Unfortunately, it’s also true that shit is way more expensive on their massive island. Remember the good old days (before you lived in Australia) when you could get a 30-pack of PBR from the local liquor mart [...]