Parachuting off China’s Great Wall

Eventually, people are going to climb up or parachute off of pretty much every global monument. It’s already happened with the Egyptian pyramids, and recently a man in a wingsuit flew just a few feet under the extended arm of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio. We now have another entry into the genre, [...]

Drone footage of Alaskan ice caves

While drones for military use are a mixed bag at best, drones for aerial photography are unequivocally awesome. There have been a number of really great videos out recently featuring shots taken from miniature aerial quadcopter drones — shots that would likely not be possible to recreate with humans or larger aircraft. Because of this, [...]

Lessons from a broken ankle

Photo: Ted Eytan I had just landed on my feet from 13 feet up, but my footing was off and one foot was twisted between the bouldering pads. Chalk was still falling as the pain rushed through my body. After the ER, x-rays, and the ortho, where I was instructed to stay off my ankle [...]

10 ideas about evolution

I LEARNED A lot about human evolution while studying anthropology in college. It sucked to enter a jobless market with such an interesting degree, but I still have fun explaining to people how our bone structure has evolved, and why the Paleo Diet is a complete misnomer (our paleolithic ancestors did not eat chocolate chips, [...]

Cool country superlatives

THIS VIDEO HAS provided me with enough fodder to get through even the driest of cocktail party conversations. From knowing which three countries make up almost half of the world’s population density, to the highest and lowest homicide rates per country, I will never be at a loss for impressing other people with some pretty [...]