The Saigon Kiss

Photo: Thanh Mai Bui Duy Hanoi drivers in their sunglasses and facemasks ignore ambulances and fire trucks — they won’t even move for a man in a faded white tank top, in a wheelchair he ratchets down the turn lane, a boy with shuttered eyes draped across his lap. Kid’s got to be at least [...]

African safari perfection [pics]

MATADOR recently traveled to South Africa to experience the phenomenon of Singita — the most successful high-end safari brand in sub-Saharan Africa. Singita has lodges in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and South Africa and is building new projects in Rwanda and Mozambique. We got the chance to experience four of their lodges in South Africa. In this [...]

17 cultural clashes I had in America

Photo: Justin Brown 1. Americans are way too sensitive. Sometimes I wonder if political correctness is in your constitution. Speaking your mind to individuals is a major taboo. You can’t tell a friend straight when he’s fucked up, nobody will ever tell you that you look fat, and there’s way too much euphemism to avoid [...]

29 ways to be more creative

I KEEP MYSELF creative through repetition — I force myself to write every day until it becomes a natural habit. It’s not always easy however; I encounter creative “slumps” along the way. What I love about this video is that there are so many small, free, and easy things — like drinking coffee, or taking [...]

How to pull a car out of a lake

No fancy diesel-powered winch or pulley system needed. Oh, no. Just a few Russian dudes, some thick-ass ice, and an ingenious…well, watch the video to find out. The post How to pull a car out of a lake – Russian style appeared first on Matador Network. How to pull a car out of a lake