Greenpeace takes on Shell + LEGO

EVERYONE LOVES LEGO. You can build everything out of them, and their movie features Batman and a song called “Everything Is Awesome.” There’s literally nothing not to like about them, unless your kid leaves them out on the floor and you step on them with bare feet. But hey, that’s more your fault for not [...]

9 ways to kill time in an airport

Getting stuck overnight in an airport is the worst. The chairs are specifically designed to make sleeping impossible, and they still don’t turn off the goddamn announcements about never leaving your bags alone, even in the middle of the night when there are only two people in the terminal. Fortunately, though, video has given us [...]

Confessions of a future yoga teacher

Photo: Lulu Lovering 1. A lot of “yogis” annoy the shit out of me. When a white guy in a dress shows up and he’s legally changed his name to “Krishna,” there is absolutely no way I am going to take him seriously. 2. Sanskrit trips me up. I love learning Sanskrit. The words and [...]

TSA doesn’t know DC is part of US

Recently, a story was filed under the “Facepalms-hard-enough-to-cause-traumatic-brain-injuries” category: A Transportation Security Agency (TSA) agent in Orlando almost did not let a reporter on his flight because the reporter had a license that the TSA officer didn’t recognize — from the District of Columbia. Americans with an elementary school education will remember that the District [...]

20 signs you’re a true yachtie

Photo: Abby Gallagher YACHTIE: pronounced [yot-tee] A person whose occupation it is to maintain and navigate a luxury yacht A yachtsman whose duty is to keep the overindulgences, idiotic ideas, and beloved secrets onboard the world’s richest play toys The only person with the skills and patience to perform 5-star service on the high seas [...]