Will Indonesia ban alcohol entirely?

Photo: misselejane JAKARTA, Indonesia — Can Indonesia really ban alcohol completely? At a bar in the Indonesian capital, Christine, Hassan and Dilta look at each other and burst into laugher. “No, they wouldn’t do that,” they agree. The three of them are drinking Bintang, the ubiquitous local beer that is to some a national icon. […]

15 reasons you should never travel to Japan

Japan, consisting of 6,852 islands, lies along the Pacific Coast of East Asia. With 73% of the country consisting of forests and mountains, the habitable areas such as Tokyo and Yokohama have extremely high population densities, making Japan one of the most densely populated countries on earth. The extreme contrast between the cities and abundant […]

15 immigrants give their first impressions of America

THE #100DaysofUSArrivals started with the #100DayProject, a social media challenge that encouraged participants to make a version of the same thing everyday for 100 days and post it on Instagram. I immediately knew I wanted to do something with refugees and immigrants. So much focus in mainstream media revolves around the stories that either bring […]

Nicaragua has the region’s highest teen pregnancy rate. Many moms are OK with it

Photo by the author. LEON, Nicaragua — Three generations of women, each barely more than 15 years apart, operate a family business near Leon’s central market. On a nearby corner, a 19-year-old breastfeeds her tiny baby. Teen mothers are a common sight here. Nicaraguans have children at an extraordinarily young age. This is considered normal, […]

How to (really) find a job overseas

Photo: Citrix Online I’ve been working overseas for nearly 2 years now. I write this post from once again another country I never thought I would wind up in (Qatar) and I have ZERO regrets about quitting my consulting job in 2013 and marching directly in the direction of my fears, which happened to involve […]